Textile Industry applications

Infrared heaters find extensive use in the textile industry. Processing like coating, embossing, lamination, heat setting, moisture evaporation and print drying require heat which is provided effectively and quickly by IR emitters. 
IR is a very effective medium for these applications and helps reduce energy costs while at the same time increase line spped. 
IR lamps have a low response time and so can switch on quickly. This saves a lot of power in applications that require frequent on-off operation. 
Evenness of heating across the web is important and it is useful to be able to switch out heaters to reduce the heated width if narrow webs are being processed. Close control of the heating intensity is vital in some applications e.g. Heat setting of light weight fabrics. 
There are a few options to choose from. 
1)Shortwave IR lamps
2)Medium wave IR emitters
3)Fast response medium wave IR lamps
Lamps being used in textile industry
64241023, 1000W, 240V, overall length 350mm
64241620, 1600W, 240V, overall length 500mm
64411622, 1600W, 415V, overall length 500mm
64411620, 1600W, 415V, overall length 500mm, without leads
64411522, 1500W, 415V, overall length 616mm, without leads, fast response medium wave