IR Ovens

 We design and manufacture IR conveyorised ovens which benefit the user by offering reduced heating times and increased production speeds.


IR heaters/lamps are used to dry the components which are continuously moving inside the oven on the conveyor. The objects could be on jigs or on the conveyor belt depending on the temperature required.


IR lamps put maximum energy in the area where it is desired. There is minimal heat loss and most of the heat is focussed onto the objects. All the ovens are designed with prime consideration of keeping power load /costs to a minimum.


At times it is beneficial to use hot air along with IR heating for increased efficiency. There is an increase in thermal efficiency through the improved utilisation and contribution of hot air to heat the workpieces.


Heat output of the IR emitters can be controlled by thyristors to be commensurate with the line speed. There is a provision for total shut down of heat in the event of line stoppage.


Some of the applications for which we have developed IR ovens are :


  • Ink drying on paper

  • IR flashers for drying screen printed fabrics/ t-shrits

  • Moisture removal from corrugated paper / printed foil.

  • Automotive carpet and roofliner moulding.

  • Paint baking and powder coating curing.

  • Lacquer/Resin curing on auto components.

  • Lamination of films.



IR flashers for ink drying


These are portable units which are ideal for drying of ink on fabrics, t-shirts etc.


The unit consists of IR lamps and a control unit. There is a Timer to adjust the “heater on” time between 2 seconds and 30 seconds.