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Gas infrared heaters

Star Industrial Engeering Services introduces Gas Infrared Heaters

Gas IR heaters rely on catalytic combustion of a gas to generate infrared heat. Catalytic combustion is achieved by using a catalyst. The catalyst enables the reaction of the gas( LPG or natural gas) flowing inside the heater and oxygen present in the working area.


The catalyst pad is preheated electrically to attain a specified temperature. This catalytic pad then facilitates the oxidation of the gas at a temperature below the ignition temperature. So, no flame is generated.


The oxidation of the gas is an Exothermic process and generates heat through infrared.




Electric power is required only during startup.

Flameless heating is achieved and so, explosion proof.

Catalyst properties do not change and hence offer long life.

Start up time is only 10-15 minutes

Environmentally safe as no flames and harmful emmissions.

Temperatures upto 650 deg C can be achieved quickly.