Mobile Paint Drying Equipment

Heatlight Technology, U.K. manufactures mobile Infrared Paint Curing systems and offers very cost effective solutions to the paint drying problems. All the infrared dryers incorporate the latest technology in shortwave IR lamps allowing quick, economical and convenient drying of primers, sealers, top coats, clear lacquers and water based paints. 
These are ideal for small repair jobs and the curing time is only 10 minutes. These are portable units with wide angle reflectors, timers and can access hard to reach areas. 
A number of models are available from a simple hand held unit to a fully automatic large unit. The advanced models incorporate temperature and distance sensors and automatic shut off system that prevents overheating of sensitive paints. 
Shortwave IR lamps are used that are highly energy efficient thereby resulting in reduced curing times.
Advantages of IR drying equipment are: 
* Shortwave IR lamps are highly energy efficient resulting in reduced curing times.
* Long life of the Infrared emitter.

* Maintenance free IR lamp cassettes with no fan / filters to change. 
* Easy height adjustment and ease of horizontal / vertical use of each IR cassette.
* Can be used on all 2K/Urethane and water based coatings.